Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This signals the start of endless gushing of posts from our 50++ Filipino gay bloggers who have joined theorgy's first ever collective blogging experience.

Each post will be published one after the other. Or as they come... out.

At 11:59PM tonight, we shall be placing the complete summary of all those who have contributed to our project. We used the pronoun "our" with the special note on "U".

Yes, you. We cannot thank you enough. We're sewing our dresses for the awards night as we tap the keys in.

So get yourselves ready, becks. Coz hell, this ain't over until the fag ladies sing:

"We're comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing out!"


  1. Hey there :) I hope you received my email. I'm having problems with my Wordpress, so I posted my coming out entry here instead:

    This is Thomasian Psychologist, btw. But please call me Ryan. Friends would find me much easier this way. :) Cheers to coming out!

  2. Hope you received mine too... posted a copy on my site. Now i'll start reading the rest of the entries.. this would be fun!

  3. Ryan, Boss, you have been posted.

    Please check the post 21 at 2:55. Your names are zer.