Monday, August 30, 2010

Magical 50

The emotionally hungry Mykt2s.

The I-understand-and-wish-to-continue Manila Raunch.

That bad news Davaoenio they call J.

The phenomenal Lyka.

They are the four that made it to the magickal 50 bloggers. Them 50 bloggers who have outted themselves interested in theorgy's first collective blogging experience.

Calling on creative writer Rogerick Fernandez to give us a seanc-e about his blog address for you to make it to the fifty-first.

As for everyone, including those who are still wanting to join, the instructions are simple:

a) Email us your post within August 31 including a picture of you that you may want us to place right beside your entry. All entries e-posted to this will be published on the first few hours of September 1.

Do schedule the posting of your entries at exactly 12 midnight of 09/01/10 so we can come-out simultaneously.

For those with already-published entries, we will just place the link but do still come up with something in your blog so all your followers, lovers and stalkers would know that you did come out.

b) As soon as you post your entry on September 1, email us your link pronto.

c) Those who just decided to join today, you are never late like Nora.

d) The email address is, you know it,

e) If all our explanations do not satisfy, go back to the first post, marys.

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  1. Whoops! :( Sorry, I missed the part about the 12AM deadline. Anyhoo, my entry's already up!