Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Coming Out by cursedgoodblessing at 27

By cursedgoodblessing@27

When the word "coming out" it’s connecting to the lesbian, gay, bisexual to disclosure or found their real identity or sexual presentation. For its a long process that the "outing" person will affected but also the environment surrounds .In this process of "outing" of certain person it needs more love, attention, acceptance for what he / she is the real person himself/herself . For other people coming out is hard to say it to their families, friends, or community because of fear, ashamed and rejected if they do wanted to go "outing" which some of others wants to be closet of their sexuality and others are attempt suicide for their open up themselves of their love one which until now is still exist happens in our society today.

Many of us still ask why a gay, lesbian should or bisexual to be outing or come out? Does it shall needed? For me it should be coz as long as you keep denying about yourself who really you are its like keeping poisoning, killed and tortured our inner identity little by little. At the end of the day you will be regret for it on the other side some of the positive outcomes may be increased self-esteem, greater honesty in one’s life, and a sense of greater personal integrity. In addition, there is often a sense of relief and a reduction of tension when one stops trying to deny or hide such an important part of his/her life. “Coming out” can lead to greater freedom of self-expression, positive sense of self and more healthy and honest relationships.

Honestly I've never experience in my whole life to come out or to open up my sexuality to my parents coz they already sense that i am gay which there is no need to tell them especially my Mother is wholeheartedly accepted me for who i am while my Father is opposite that is very reluctant feeling towards me as son in which all i can to do is understand of his situation.

Every time when i read and watched coming out stories for which I can relate to myself to them Especially those parents are against or cannot accept their son or daughter for being gay I hope and pray someday more people will be more understand , tolerant ,accepting those people are  "COMING OUT from the DARK CLOSET"

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