Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pasabooowg! Tamaaaaah! :) by Nimmy

by Nimmy

On the last day of our communications training, miss friendly trainer asked us to play the game "Two Truths and One Lie." SInce walang magawa at bored na ang lahat pumayag na kami. We were not familiar with it so we requested her to go first. Her options were...

(1) I have a kid,

(2) I'm a widow, and

(3) She's a lesbo.

Syempre pinahulaan nya sa amin kung alin ang kasinungalingan. Most of the answers i heard were number 1. Nag-gesture sya na parang nagdru-drumroll. Her truths are 1 and 3. Grabehan ito! Hindi namin yan inexpect.

"Who's next?!"

The room went to silent mode.

"Okay okay. Ako na lang," I answered. I was feeling happy that day eh, share the happiness para fun. LOL.

Medyo medyo I was shaking when standing up. Stage fright? Medyo medyo. hahaha. I stood at the middle front part of the room. Attention grabber lang diba? All eyes are now on me. I was now excited. Being our last day of training, I thought i needed to share something that is personal. Something that'll make me memorable. I started talking na...

"I'm in a relationship."

I'm a gay"

"I have a kid."

May gaps of silence ang every sentence. drama lang ganyan.

My wavemates started murmuring na. Walang makasagot. Pasabog ang choices kasi. Kabog na kabog!

"Which is a lie?" tanong ng isa.

"My lie is number three." I immediately went back to my station and sitted quietly.

I didn't expect what happened next. I was bombarded with questions and comments from the straights and from Raven (my uber nice marse). As in bomvaaaaarded. :P

"Talaga?" "Hindi ko naramdaman" "Totoo?" "Dyowa mo ba ung kasama mo lagi maglunch?" "Hindi halata!" "Sabi na nga ba eh!"

Hahaha. Hindi kasi ako loud and maporma. Isang baklang kimi. Ako na talaga ang kapatid ni Eugene Domingo. Hi my name is nimmydora. choz! Hahaha

When we transitioned to the product training friends were still talking about it. It even reached the production floor. Ang taray taray lang daw ng moment na un.

Sige na! Tanggap ko na. Ako na ang nag-out due to boredom. LOL

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