Friday, September 3, 2010

To ALL Late-Cummers

The brotherhood of theorgy has just consulted with us sisters:

Are we going to let you late-cummers in?

Without taking off anything, we said: yes.

All you need to do --

a) Post that entry.
b) Put the Coming Out logo on your post.
c) Email us at the link to your post.

Now clean up and write.


  1. thanks for accommodating me,kahit super late, alam nyo nman kc ako, trip ko laging pinapatagal bago mag ejaculate ahaha :P

  2. homaygash! i'm soo late!!! anong ka-orgyhan to? can i join?

  3. im compelled to join! shempre naman hindi pahuhuli ang isang diwata. soon sisterettes. very very soon. ahihi

  4. Soltero, exactly the kind of man we need - prolific.

    And MkSurf8, you are never late. Only Nora Aunor is late.

    Diwata, we shall wait for your cumming...