Sunday, October 31, 2010

Discriminate, Not.

So you are not immoral?
Is legislation enough?
Or let us just not be bakla na lang
Or bathhouse-hopping?

Discrimination happens to us – that’s you with an s.

It is as palpable as bad smog lingering on your shirt neck for days. It is just as riveting as being ostracized by your fellow bakla. While discrimination is a huge issue, it has angles, corners, facets, shades of grey. So it is what these sisters are offering us on a plate from Mondo – discrimination and your blog about it.

While it does take a while to take that big stain of our world's beautiful face, we can already do much even with a little scrubbing.

Deadline is November 29.

Publishing here on November 30.

And maybe no more than 700 words? Unless you can convince Mandaya yours is a show-stopper.

Email us your post -

(Now we need a good graphic to go with this project. Ideas, anyone? We'll give you a good head if you come up with one.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I AM NOT YOUR CONCEPT - theorgy tease 102

The sisters have been away ever since that Iraq files got leaked. Somebody need to teach those bobbies a lesson.

Now that we have dusted off the last of them dried American sweat, we are now at that fold where everybody simply had to talk about this:


First, they raided Queeriosity. And then those scandals involving Catholic priests and unknowing young altar boys. And of course, not to mention the endless hate crimes against us here, there and everywhere.

Something has to be said. And somebody has to make a stand. And we ain't doing it without a flair.

The announcement will be out this week, our deadline next month.

If somebody or something needs to be buried this time, it is discrimination.