Monday, August 30, 2010

Magical 50

The emotionally hungry Mykt2s.

The I-understand-and-wish-to-continue Manila Raunch.

That bad news Davaoenio they call J.

The phenomenal Lyka.

They are the four that made it to the magickal 50 bloggers. Them 50 bloggers who have outted themselves interested in theorgy's first collective blogging experience.

Calling on creative writer Rogerick Fernandez to give us a seanc-e about his blog address for you to make it to the fifty-first.

As for everyone, including those who are still wanting to join, the instructions are simple:

a) Email us your post within August 31 including a picture of you that you may want us to place right beside your entry. All entries e-posted to this will be published on the first few hours of September 1.

Do schedule the posting of your entries at exactly 12 midnight of 09/01/10 so we can come-out simultaneously.

For those with already-published entries, we will just place the link but do still come up with something in your blog so all your followers, lovers and stalkers would know that you did come out.

b) As soon as you post your entry on September 1, email us your link pronto.

c) Those who just decided to join today, you are never late like Nora.

d) The email address is, you know it,

e) If all our explanations do not satisfy, go back to the first post, marys.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Theorgy Update 6

(taking gloves his off)
So, how are we all these days?
Seven more loved ones have joined our league. What more can I say? Admit it, you're loving this. As we are.
Here are our blog-owning joiners:

Some of you have sent us their entries and we expect most of you to e-post yours, too.
We have made some changes in the blog links and are hooking up with other joiners about their blogs. 
And before we send out our XO's, muchas gracias to all those who adverti-posted the COME OUT! event and placed our wondrous logo on your respective blogs.
You are making mama proud.

The Theorgy Administrator Is Down

On all fours.


I have been changing so many diapers lately that my hands are either too soiled or too occupied to take complete care of our beautiful baby blog and update you with so many things, i.e. changes in links, new theorgists, emailed entries.

You shall hear from me first thing tomorrow morning.

And no, I am not into scat.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Theorgy Update 104

Eight more days to go and we still have more people signing up for theorgy. This time, we have 13:

Bobby Barbecho. Goddess. Mister Alembong. Jay. Ming Meows. Jimsimon. Cursedgoodblessing@27. Edgar Portalan. Justinology. Nimmy. Melanie. Tobie. Lord Fernandez.

With that, we got 3 and 1 things to say:

3. Warm hugs and friendly kisses to all ye gay bloggers. Feels like we're friends already. Thanks.

2. Please email us if you want to co-author the theorg-y blog. Otherwise, still email your September 1 entry. That way, we can post everything here and link it to your respective blogs. The email address is

1. To Redhot and Myk2ts: you got blogs?

And yes, another 1:

A big iku of THANKS to Manila Gay Guy for having us in his blog. We are both at awe and honored.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

26 Bloggers and 1 Yahoo Chatter

Three more are coming out - with pictures to boot:

And a cow.

We now have a total of 27 interested blokes who shall take the issue of coming out to the next level.

Will it entail sexual details? Will it be Maximo Oliverosesque? Or just be Shakespearean about it?

One last reminder: pls. e-post those entries to if you are having second thoughts in co-authoring this blog. I completely understand. Too many responsibilities, only two hands.

And yes, spill the invite like we gossip about the bemoustached un-outted guy at that cubicle. Rumors spread faster than advertisements.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Theorgy Update 102

Let's get one thing straight: we're not.

Below is a list of bedfellows who expressed intent. A few others emailed or chatted to just show up on d-day.

Mel Beckham. Mandaya Moore. KiksMugen. John Stanley. Darc Diarist. Mac Callister. Red The Mod. Jericho. The Desole Boy. Ms. Chuniverse. Ex Jason. Kiel. Callboi. Boss Becky. The blogless Rogerick Fernandez. Foxyreign. Echoserita. Zai Zai. Miguel. Takeshi. Justin. The Zen Bitch. E.

Our closet doors are still wide open for those willing to come out.

You can either post here or email us at for more.

Monday, August 16, 2010


There is a theory about the Filipino gay - he does not take his issues quietly.

He speaks his mind, whether in class, in a rally or possibly a bar. Or, he simply becomes good at what he does.

And these days, he blogs.

That’s why we (yes, there are many of us) thought we should have this:

Theorgy – a collective blogging experience for all g-bloggers. In this blog, we hope for each g-blogger to write about a common issue and publish his post here and/or in his own blog.

It's a collective thing, albeit an occasional one. Consider it a spur of the moment thing when all g-bloggers just decided to hold a grand EB (so yahoo messenger days) and talk about one ispecifique thing.

And why do we do this?

a) So that we get to read bloggers who may think like us or who can challenge us.

b) So that we can be read hence, creating traffic.

c) To simply express and have fun.

Convinced much? If you are, read on:

1. On September 1, we will all publish our own take on one given topic. In our native tongue: dapat sabay tayo (pun intended).

2. First topic on the board - Coming Out. Time to flex those brain muscles, stretch them tongues on why we came out or why we didn't. Or why we don’t need to. For those of us who think why it is important, or for those who think it isn't. In the fashion of The Vagina Monologues, we will have our own take on this.

3. You can write in English or Filipino. Pwede ring mag-gayspeak.

4. So if you're interested, comment on this, place the logo in your blog, and write away. (WHY THIS? So you can be included in this blog and publish your post on that date.)

5. And yes, spill. Spread the word.