Friday, September 3, 2010

i had no choice by Soltero

by Soltero

(coming out of the closet)

Things were getting so complicated. It was a tangled web were in. I was beginning to like him, and she was starting to scare me with her phone calls and text messages. I was falling for Todd, Riza was falling for me.

Magkakaibigan kami. Magba barkada.

Todd is married to Joan.

Riza to Abet.

Married pa rin sila til now.

Ako naman, binata pa rin.

I guess sa sobrang closeness naming lima before, na halos every weekend magkakasama kami, something was bound to happen. Sa sobra kong mapagbiro and sobrang pa charming (haha) di ko alam nadevelop na pala sa akin si Riza. Kaya pala everytime I tease her, lagi na lang parang galit at madaling mapikon . One day, she called me up. She told me something that was wuite shocking - she said that she's in love with me and she wants us to be an item. Napa What? and OMG ako. Kaso ang tanga ko, I knew it wasn't right and I knew di kami pwedeng dalawa. But I can't tell her di pwede kasi I didn't want her to get hurt. Aside from her being married, di ko rin sya type.

Kasi ang type ko...

Si Todd. Yung isa naming kabarkada na married ke Joan. Ang cute kasi nya, at first wala lang saken, barkada tlaga. Kaso one time nag karaoke kami, I sang "Say That You Love Me", bigla syang nakipag duet. Tapos everytime na kinakanta ko na yung song , ayun lagi sumasabay. Hello! lumambot puso ko. Ayun, di na sya mawala sa isip ko. I tell him that i love him in my dreams na after that! bwahahaha...

I knew where I stand as regards Todd. kaya i tried real hard to keep it within me at first. Pero mabaliw baliw ako sa kanya that time. Whenever I had the chance to go and visit him, Ispend time sa bahay nila. I don't know if they had sensed something peculiar. When the feeling was too much to bear, I told Todd how I felt about him. he didn't seem to mind it, but he did not encourage it. Parang wala lang. Basta nandyan lang ako, andyan lang sya. We're just friends, nothing more than that.

But Riza was different. She was adamant. "Whatever Riza wants, Riza gets" was her mantra. Sa sobrang di na nya mapigilan ang feelings nya, nahahalata na ng husband nya. She was always so happy when i'm around. When i leave, her mood will change. Kapag wala ako sa lakad, siya ang tumatawag at pilit na pinapa punta ako. Kaya nung sobra na obvious na ni Abet, he confronted us.

Naipit ako between Scylla and Charybdis.

One day when i was at their house having dinner, Abet suddenly brought up the topic. He asked us if there was something goin on between me and his wife.

Sa kaba ko and gulat, and to end what could be a disastrous day, I searched for the nearest way out, I had no other choice but to tell them my secret.

That I was really in love that time,although not with Riza, but with Todd our other friend.

And that yes, I am not-so-straight as what they think of.

Their jaws dropped and wouldn't believe what I said.

They thought I was pulling their legs.

It was just like a telenovela scene.

I had no choice then, I had to find a way to bail myself out of that mess.

That's the only way out i can think of.

But i did not regret it, heck i was so relieved I did it.

Because even after so many years had passed, they still remain my closest friends.

And to date, I do trust them fully, And now I tell them all my dirty little secrets. "P

(and about Todd? di na kami masyadong close ngayon. nawala na kasi ung kanyang pagka cute haha )

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