Monday, August 16, 2010


There is a theory about the Filipino gay - he does not take his issues quietly.

He speaks his mind, whether in class, in a rally or possibly a bar. Or, he simply becomes good at what he does.

And these days, he blogs.

That’s why we (yes, there are many of us) thought we should have this:

Theorgy – a collective blogging experience for all g-bloggers. In this blog, we hope for each g-blogger to write about a common issue and publish his post here and/or in his own blog.

It's a collective thing, albeit an occasional one. Consider it a spur of the moment thing when all g-bloggers just decided to hold a grand EB (so yahoo messenger days) and talk about one ispecifique thing.

And why do we do this?

a) So that we get to read bloggers who may think like us or who can challenge us.

b) So that we can be read hence, creating traffic.

c) To simply express and have fun.

Convinced much? If you are, read on:

1. On September 1, we will all publish our own take on one given topic. In our native tongue: dapat sabay tayo (pun intended).

2. First topic on the board - Coming Out. Time to flex those brain muscles, stretch them tongues on why we came out or why we didn't. Or why we don’t need to. For those of us who think why it is important, or for those who think it isn't. In the fashion of The Vagina Monologues, we will have our own take on this.

3. You can write in English or Filipino. Pwede ring mag-gayspeak.

4. So if you're interested, comment on this, place the logo in your blog, and write away. (WHY THIS? So you can be included in this blog and publish your post on that date.)

5. And yes, spill. Spread the word.


  1. nasabi na sa akin ni Kane to. Yup, sasali ako. =)

  2. ay mukhang maganda to. go ako! isip-isip muna pano ang gagawing post. count me in!

  3. tanong lang: kelangan ba talagang new post? hindi ba pwedeng past post gaya nito?

    1. Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Naging Bakla?

    2. Bakla Ka Ba?

  4. Thanks, y'all.

    We will be inviting all of you who posted your comments here to be part of this blog.

    THAT WAY, you can post your entries on that fateful day.

    Keri? Keri.

    @Echos Erita: a previous post will do, though maybe you can choose to write about it from a completely different persp? ;-)

  5. another rainbow bloggers?hehe

    pero sali na din ako!

    mac mac here I comeeeeee

  6. Totally gona post!!! Ang gandang idea nito. :D:D

  7. @ AKATSUKI17: you can publish your post here and at your blog, too.

    Expect updates in the coming days. CIAO!

  8. kahit di nyo ko kilala, join din akeiwa... pak!

  9. Kailangan ng masusing pag-iisip to...pag isipan ko muna.

    (after 5.5 milliseconds)

    Yes! Kelan ba?

    Hahaha. Adik!

  10. pa join pratts!

    here's my blog link.

  11. Mga Becks, thanks for expressing such winning interest.

    Will post you tomorrow.

  12. Sali ako! I belong! haha! =))

  13. Will from "Will and Grace" claimed that you can only come out once. I guess - I'd have to do it twice in this lifetime.

  14. Sounds good to me. I've been hoping for gay blogs to be more than just meat and sex. Here's to joining this.

    Should there be some kind of system/code so readers can easily find "more blogs like this" which tackled the topic?

  15. Hard to be Celeste Legaspi and ask the same thing: how can we ever thank you?

    Tobie, like how we do it in our own little villages, we wander around this gay blogging neighborhood to find that wonderful spot, that happy friend, that place where we feel at home. Wish there is a system that can lead us right to "more blogs like this", ano?

    J-Carl19, thanks. Will have you in the next post update.

  16. Thomasianpsychologist, thou shalt be added.

    Eldy, want to join theorgy?

  17. late but count me in. things like this should be a good motivator for me to start blogging again (darn twitter! :P).

  18. MAjor MAjor Join din ako....;-p

  19. what the heck, okay, joiners na rin :D

  20. im just late learning about this but i wanna join. it sounds fun.

  21. Dear y'all,

    Got all these updates and thanks.

    You have been added and looking forward.

    Tell your loved ones and lovers who blog, the closet is still open.

  22. pwede ba sumali kahit hindi pa nagaaout o yung mga walang balak magout? ;)

  23. Hi Ewan.

    Late-outters or never-outters are welcome. ;-)

  24. came across this just today. planning to post nevertheless. :)

  25. Toffer and all you late-cummers, do post.

    You'll get a spanking if you don't.

  26. i already did...couple of hours ago..hehe..:))

  27. Hi I'm not Filipino but can I take part in writing for this blog?