Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Theorgy Update 104

Eight more days to go and we still have more people signing up for theorgy. This time, we have 13:

Bobby Barbecho. Goddess. Mister Alembong. Jay. Ming Meows. Jimsimon. Cursedgoodblessing@27. Edgar Portalan. Justinology. Nimmy. Melanie. Tobie. Lord Fernandez.

With that, we got 3 and 1 things to say:

3. Warm hugs and friendly kisses to all ye gay bloggers. Feels like we're friends already. Thanks.

2. Please email us if you want to co-author the theorg-y blog. Otherwise, still email your September 1 entry. That way, we can post everything here and link it to your respective blogs. The email address is theorgyblog@gmail.com.

1. To Redhot and Myk2ts: you got blogs?

And yes, another 1:

A big iku of THANKS to Manila Gay Guy for having us in his blog. We are both at awe and honored.


  1. Sorry, please change my link to blameitontherainbro.blogspot.com

    Thank you.

  2. what is your email add theorgy coz the one ur post ur own email add is invalid thanks

  3. Thanks Tobie. Your note is noted.

    Cursedgoodblessing@27 (whew!), try theorgyblog@gmail.com again. I emailed myself this morning and it seems to be working fine. If not, I shall send you another one later today.

  4. While I don't mind having more people check out my online comic bin, I think the blame it blog I have is the far more appropriate one to be linked :-) Already wrote an article about this in hopes of drumming up more interest in it.

    Here's hoping. :-)

  5. if i don't meet the deadline, i'll be equally happy and gay to be one of the followers