Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Write off Discrimination - The Contributions

Writing about discrimination is just as daunting as fighting it. But a few of our bloggers have taken the cudgels. Here they are:

Kiks dissects discrimination.

Mel Beckham hopes for something better.

Tobie gives his take on bisexuality.

Richie laments about pride and prejudice.

Désolé Boy tells the tale of a pink-laden land.

Melanie challenges.

Rocky slaps the wrist on internal discrimination.

Justin puts the D on discriminate.

Mu[g]en discriminates.

And Red tells us we are multifarious.

No one is ever too late to confront discrimination. And no one is ever too late to discuss it.


  1. We kept our word, and shared our piece as well.


  2. I have posted mine too. However a tad tardy, I hope it still counts.