Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I AM NOT YOUR CONCEPT - theorgy tease 102

The sisters have been away ever since that Iraq files got leaked. Somebody need to teach those bobbies a lesson.

Now that we have dusted off the last of them dried American sweat, we are now at that fold where everybody simply had to talk about this:


First, they raided Queeriosity. And then those scandals involving Catholic priests and unknowing young altar boys. And of course, not to mention the endless hate crimes against us here, there and everywhere.

Something has to be said. And somebody has to make a stand. And we ain't doing it without a flair.

The announcement will be out this week, our deadline next month.

If somebody or something needs to be buried this time, it is discrimination.


  1. weeebeee!!
    kala ko nawala na theorgy eh. fave ko pa nmn to xe prang magazine lng. may assignment from the editor.

  2. hmmm.... i've always wanted to join... me thinks. :)

  3. haha...pasilip silip nga ako for last! : )

  4. oh you all enjoy us cumming back.

    and we too enjoy you cumming


  5. Will see what I can write about it.
    Do we have a tentative release date?
    Other than "next month"
    so I can map out the deadline?